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2 - Network organisation and process




PENTA - Fondazione Penta Onlus - Paediatric European Network for the Treatment of AIDS and Infectious Diseases

Existence of an identified contact person for external enquiries Yes via website
Existence of an internal steering committee Yes PENTA-ID Steering Committee
Existence of an external advisory steering committee directing the reporting party Yes
Existence of a website Yes
Existence of newsletter Yes PENTA-ID news updated through he website
Existence of internal databases for disease, condition treatment and/or outcome Yes Internal database including all trials, studies and projects run by the Foundation and divided by research area
Provisions to ascertain data protection and data security Yes All data are held on secure MRC or INSERM databases and handling of paper data conforms to European and national data protection standards
Procedures to access the database by third parties Yes
Access to external databases/registries Yes
Standardised process to access an external database Yes