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2 - Network organisation and process




ECAPN - European Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology Network

Existence of an identified contact person for external enquiries Yes Chairperson & Co-chairperson: Alessandro Zuddas, MD Carmen Moreno , MD (Also principal investigators at each Centre)
Existence of an internal steering committee Yes Alessandro Zuddas, MD, Cagliari, Italy Carmen Moreno, MD, Madrid, Spain Diane Purper Ouakil, MD , Montpellier , France, Veit Roessner, MD, Dresden, Germany Pieter Hoekstra, MD, Groningen, The Netherlands
Existence of an external advisory steering committee directing the reporting party Yes External Independent Ethical and Safety Board: Eric Taylor MD (London, UK), Benedetto Vitiello, MD (Bethesda, MD, USA) Christopher Correll, MD (New York, NY, USA)
Existence of a website Yes
Existence of newsletter No Newsletter only for specific studies not jet as network: see: attached document"ADDUCE newsletter"
Existence of internal databases for disease, condition treatment and/or outcome Yes The database will be soon available ( see attached document "ECNP Letter")
Provisions to ascertain data protection and data security Yes (see attached document:" ECAPN Data Protection Guideline"; also in the website)
Procedures to access the database by third parties Yes A database supported by the ECNP has been designed and is about to be implemented to allow to store and analyze clinical data collected by ECAPN members (see attached "ECNP letter" ; procedure for access by third parties will be defined shortly and posted in the network website).
Access to external databases/registries Yes Members of the network have extensive professional relationship with scientists and clinician managing extensive clinical databases
Standardised process to access an external database No