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3 - Specific competencies and capacity to provide export advice




ECAPN - European Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology Network

Number of peer reviewed publications in the last 5 years 42 See attached document "ECAPN reference list EnprEMA 2016"
Number of competitive grants obtained in the last 5 years 10 The network facilitate scientific exchange and discussion leading to paper preparation and publication
Access to expert groups Yes We are a section of ECNP, and we have access to other ECNP sections, (see attached letter). The Network hold on or two specific meeting per year.
Capacity to answer external scientific questions Yes As a network and as specific members we routinely provide consultancy to companies and academic partner, by participating to advisory boards and academic research meeting. See attached letters/ mails acknowledging scientific / clinical consultation with Companies and CRO ("Lundbeck" , "Quintiles 1"and "Quintiles 2"
Site feasibility Yes Discussed within the network, including national centres related to the network members, and then proposed to Intitutions/Companies/CRO; Se also atached document"ECAPN Bylaw")
Participant recruitment Yes See attached document "ECAPN bylaw". Sharing information of best way for specific study/country: ads, website, networks of office- based paediatricians and child/ adolesc. psychiatrists, patients association
Budget calculation for studies Yes Discussed and documented for specific studies/ projects. See also the attached documents ("ECAPN bylaw" and ECNP Letter") and